Bay Area Games

A friendly community developed resource for aspiring game developers and local game enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can find past recorded events on our Youtube channel and live ones on our twitch channel

Local Meetup groups

  • Indie Game Developers of Silicon Valley
    • Monthly meetup group for game devs of all skill levels. Events vary, testing nights, mini talks, chatting over tea, etc.
  • South Bay Game Dev
    • Monthly meetup group that meets in Campbell on the last monday of the month, chill chatting & demoing type environment.
  • SF Game Development
    • This group hosts high-quality meetups focused on topics such as game marketing, development, and design.
  • East Bay Game Devs & Creatives
    • East Bay Game Devs & Creatives is a friendly Meetup in Oakland and surrounding areas for industry professionals, independent game developers, hobbyists, artists, musicians, designers, and those interested in breaking into video game development.
  • Virtual World Arcade
    • Ever wanted to live a video game experience? Now you can! Enter the Virtual World and play VR games with your friends at Virtual World Arcade!
  • Sacramento Developer Collective
    • The purpose of this collective is simple: To create opportunity for developers & designers, both aspiring & veteran, to connect & empower one another within our up & coming Sacramento game industry!

Discord servers

If you're looking to chat with other devs in the area right now you can find some of us on these servers: